Sure, we’ve got a different approach to consulting. But we still know which boxes need to get checked at the end of the day. At every point in your business, our services have you covered.

Talentstone Advisory Services works in partnership with clients in various industry sectors such as telecommunications, oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing and international agencies among others to provide bespoke advisory services.

Strategy & Enterprise Transformation

Our clients are faced with the daily challenge of how to position themselves against competition and keep customers satisfied. Answers don't come out of thin air; they require rigorous analysis and innovative thinking grounded with the determination to find the unexpected insights that go into developing an executable strategy. We are dedicated not only to designing, but also implementing and putting into operation our clients’ successful strategies.

Performance Improvement

We assist senior executives to realize both short-and long-term initiatives to increase productivity, lower costs and establish a new cost structure. Our offerings included:

Redeveloping our clients' commercial and business models to reflect the increasing purchasing power of business segments and operating functions while also serving their customers’ needs

Identifying cost management opportunities that surpassed competitor benchmarks

Fundamentally overhauling the quality, technology and corporate functions from a blank sheet of paper

Pursuing cross-border outsourcing and licensing opportunities across multiple business operations

Conducting a third party’s perspective cost evaluation of the organization to pinpoint "out of the box" ideas

Our professionals bring extensive experience and work collaboratively with clients. Services offered include:

·         Agile / Lean / Six Sigma Project Management

·         Data Mining & Complex Data Analysis

·         Systems Design and Integration

·         Post Merger Integrations / Post Divestiture Planning

·         Cross Border Expansion, Alliances & Joint Venture Management

·         Business Process Improvement and Process Re-engineering

·         Customer Relationship Management

·         Digital Enterprise Transformation & Management

·         HR Function Optimization and Advisory

·         Operations Improvement & Sustainability

·         Product Development & Product Life Cycle Restructuring

·         Organizational Change Management

·         Technology Strategy Development and Sourcing

·         Packaged Software Evaluation and Selection

·         Go-to-Market Strategies & Competitive Insights

Examples of strategy and business advisory projects our team members have been involved in include:

·         Contracting Process Review & Performance Improvement

•        Led the development of a corporate performance analytics tool to understand industry trends and conduct financial-performance benchmarking for a diversified financial services group.

•        Assisted an agriculture and consumer-brands company to establish a performance-driven innovation-delivery system involving, launching of an incubator, building a vibrant partnership ecosystem, and installing novel funding models, resulting in a substantial self-funding pipeline.

•        Built an innovation road map, involving an operating model, for a leading chemicals company, an effort that involved establishing an operational project portfolio to double organic growth rates

•        Redefined the services sales strategy for a manufacturer of power-generation equipment by segmenting its market and developing product offerings tailored to the new market segments.

•        Developed the international growth strategy for a property development firm, involving opportunity assessment, competitive intelligence, risk assessment, and go-to-market strategy.

•        Worked with a leading industrial company on aligning its strategy, conducting M&A, managing performance, building functional excellence, and improving the effectiveness of its top team.

•        Spearheaded post-merger integration across middle- & back-office functions involving implementing best-practice governance and process management for two private-equity held capital market firms.

•        Developed growth and go-to-market strategy for a leading media and entertainment conglomerate.

        Employee Management Framework Review and Redesign for a Multinational Software Firm

        HR Policies and Procedures Implementation Support for a diversified technology company

        Developed the growth strategy and business case for 5+ initiatives at an insurance firm to determine market viability, customer strategy, investment rationale, and go-to-market strategy.

·         Skill and Competency Assessment for a Financial Services Institution

For specific information on how our Strategy & Performance Improvement Advisory Team can assist you, please contact us.