One thing our team has a lot of is opinion. Love them or hate them, we are excited about the rating advisory solutions they might help financial institutions create.

Credit Ratings Assessment

For unrated clients we evaluate the likely outcome of a credit ratings process to support funding options advice or debt capital raising/refinancing transactions. We also optimise the execution of private, unrated debt capital raising/refinancing transactions by assessing and communicating client credit quality to prospective investors and other transaction stakeholders.

Ratings Execution

We support our clients throughout all stages of a ratings process: engaging with agencies, preparing for agency interviews, ensuring all appropriate supporting information and analysis is prepared and presented to agencies in the best possible light, and helping clients communicate ratings results to internal and external stakeholders.

Credit Optimization

Across markets, from secured corporate debt to project finance, we structure transactions to optimize credit outcomes. We help clients achieve the right balance between higher credit quality (lower cost of debt) and the increased sponsor financial risk, loss of control and higher capital intensity that credit enhancement can require.

Scenario Testing for Rated Institutions

For our rated clients, we conduct scenario analyses: advice on potential changes to existing ratings based on proposed transactions or business plan changes.

Examples of credit rating advisory projects we have been involved include:

·   Comprehensive research analysis across a wide range of financial services sub sectors including Banks, Multilaterals, Insurance, Finance Houses, Securities’ Firms etc.

·        Fundamental credit analysis and production of internal ratings of banks, non-bank financial institutions and multilateral banks based on major rating agencies’ methodologies.

·    Extensive experience in analyzing complex greenfield and brownfield deals and advising investors on optimization of transaction credit quality and rating outcomes.

·     Financial and ratings advisor to a diversified financial services company trading with various financial institutions in different countries across Africa.

·        Ratings advisor to a financial services entity to support a capital raising process.

·        Financial advisor to a Nigerian Money Market Fund on the analysis of counterparty financial institutions’ credit profile.

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